Mystical Yoga Breathwork Retreat

A 6 day workshop, the use of breathing techniques, the release of emotions and the healing with voice and live music to open the inner centers, training a contact with a deep place of peace and inner silence.

We will explore techniques to open the voice through chants and mantras, active meditation techniques from Osho, Toltec shamanic techniques to release the same past from the past, and techniques of Egyptian Alchemy and the Magic of Hawaii, to open the heart, expand The limits of our creative imagination, and relate to the ‘Outer World’ through a channel of light and love and wake up from the collective dream of humanity and remember who you are, and why you came to Earth.

Breath is a powerful tool to dive safely and deeply within one’s own soul, releasing and healing traumas, unblocking channels and dissolving limiting emotional patterns in the cellular memories. We will open the body, heart and mind to a new, fresh, conscious life of unlimited possibilities.!

We will explore many forms of breath journey: Rebirthing, shamanic circular breath, chakra cleaning, Toltec recapitulation, and Egyptian Alchemical transformation, bringing us to a deep harmony and peace within through the miraculous vehicle of our own breathing, Exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness with the tender support of touch, sound healing, crystal healing and essential oils.

In addition, we will open the voice through chants and mantras, active movement meditation techniques and expand the limits of our creative imagination through art, relating to the ‘Outer World’ through a channel of light and love.

  • Breathe in paradise! Connect to Earth, Sky and nature.
  • Open your heart and love the parts of you that you push away.
  • Connect with non-physical realms, your guides, and the Divine.


  • Daily Yoga classes
  • Daily Adventures and Ceremonies in Ancient Sacred Temples
  • Cleaning and Clearing the Energy Body through breath journeys and crystal sound healing
  • Awaken dormant creativity and commune with your guides.
  • Live Music meditations, Concert, FIre Ceremonie and Spirit Journeys
  • Active Meditations and ecstatic dance with live music
  • Relating and Working with the 4 Sacred Elements
  • Toltec Wisdom: Recapitulation, Dreaming, Magic Passes
  • Hooponopono and Tonglen; learning forgiveness and sharing unconditional love
  • Singing: Opening the natural voice and Creativity through Primal Clay and Vision Painting
  • Daily Yoga class


  • Hatha with instruction in English

Spoken languages

  • English, Spanish


This retreat will be held in Munay Sonqo in Pisac, Peru commonly also known as the Sacred Valley of the Inkas about 1.5 hrs from the city of Cusco. (Airport code CUZ). We can help you arrange transportion.

Mystical Breathwork Retreat Schedule

DAY 1:

  • 3pm: Arrival, taking time to rest an connect with the place.
  • 4 pm: Opening Circle, sharing intention for the group
  • 5pm: Chakra Breathing meditation
  • 7pm: freetime
  • 8pm: Dinner
  • 9:30 Healing Music and guided meditation
  • 10:30 Sleep

DAY 2:

  • 8am: Yoga Class, Tai Chi, and Magic Passes
  • 9:30: Breakfast in Silence
  • 11:00 Mystic Breath session
  • 1 pm: Connecting with Nature Ritual: The Sacred Elements
  • 2 pm: Lunch
  • 4-7 pm: Temple Exploration and ceremonies
  • 8 pm Dinner
  • 9:30 Fire Ritual/chanting/drumming

DAY 3:

  • 8 am Yoga/Tai Chi/ Magic Passes
  • 9:30 Breakfast
  • 11:00 Alchemical Meditations
  • 1 pm: Nature Ritual/Sacred Elements
  • 2 pm: Lunch
  • 4 pm: Opening the Natural Voice
  • 7 pm: freetime
  • 8 pm: Dinner
  • 9:30 Caco Ceremony/Ecstatic Dance
  • 11 pm: Sleep

DAY 4:

  • 8 am Yoga/Tai Chi/ Magic Passes
  • 9:30 Breakfast
  • 11 am: Alup Breathing/Recapitulation/Tree of Life
  • 1 pm: Nature Ritual/ Sacred Elements
  • 2 pm: Lunch
  • 4 pm: Temple Exploration/Ceremony
  • 7 pm: freetime
  • 8 pm: Dinner
  • 9:30 pm: Mantra Singing / chanting

DAY 5:

  • 8 am: Yoga/Tai Chi/ Magic Passes
  • 9:30: Breakfast
  • 11 am: Latihan/Mahamudra/Tonglen Meditations
  • 1 pm: Nature RItual / Sacred Rituals
  • 2 pm: Lunch
  • 4 pm: Primal Clay/ Painting Dreams
  • 7 pm: freetime
  • 8 pm: Dinner
  • 9:30 Concert of Meditation Music: Free Your Soul

DAY 6:

  • 8 am: Yoga/ Tai Chi/ Magic Passes
  • 9:30 : Breakfast
  • 11 am: Mercado/exploring/shopping
  • Lunch Outside
  • 3 pm: Closing Ceremony-Connecting Hearts
6 Days, 5 Nights

$1500 USD

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